With Regards To Our Audio Quality

1. We are all from different locations in the US and each host has different conditions they have to deal with. We do try to mitigate the issues as much as possible, but sometimes it just can't be fixed.

2. We use a technology called VoIP utilizing the Open Source program called Asterisk. Since Asterisk is designed for voice phone calls, it is not designed to handle high bitrates since you don't need a high bitrate for phone calls. This makes us all sound like we're on the phone at a radio station.

3. While we do care about quality, the higher quality of file we create, the bigger the download for you. This affects both you the listener and the show as we have to PAY for the download bandwidth and you also have a longer download if we use higher bitrates. You also have a higher chance at hitting your ISP cap if we have a bigger file. We care about quality, but since we care about the bottom line of both the show and you, the listener, we need to use a lower quality file. It saves us and you bandwidth and you download time.

4. Lastly, you, the listener, receives the content for free and will always be able to receive the content for free. That doesn't mean we don't have costs. It costs each host for their recording setup and ISP. That cost is significant. While it would be great if we got paid to do the show, we do not. That means everything comes out of our own pockets including travel costs to the Ohio Linux Fest and South East Linux Fest which are two events we cover almost every year for the last 3-4 years. We do this because we love Linux and Open Source software and we want to contribute to the community by sharing information, reviewing products, interviewing Open Source community members and sharing our experiences with Open Source software. This is a labor of love, but it's not a cost free one. If you would like to contribute, there is a paypal button on the TLLTS Home page. If everyone of our listeners contributed some money every month, we still could not do the show without costs. Now if you know of a company that can sponsor the show with enough money where we could all quit our jobs, then I would expect quality to increase but since this is not likely to happen, we have what we have for now and that's it. If you know of a company who can sponsor us, we're always open to that so long as they are a Open Source company or one that produces devices that are supported on Linux