Tricking Out The Trixboxen

The TechShow crew spend a couple hours last night changing and testing voip equipment. Allan and Pat finally have their VOIP phones working quite well, and Dann and I spent some time getting our respective Asterisk/Trixboxes to speak nicely to one another. We set up the servers with IAX trunking so my phones are an extension on his machine, and visa versa. Just for posterity and those of you looking to actually do this, I thought I'd share, since none of the documentation we found was entirely correct.

First off, all this was done through freepbx on trixbox. Add an IAX2 trunk:
Unless I specify otherwise, leave all fields blank:
Setting         Server1	                     Server2
Dial Rules:	6|xxx	                     6|xxx
Trunk Name:	Server2	                     Server1
Peer Details:	host=(Server2's hostname)    host=(Server1's hostname)
                qualify=yes                  qualify=yes
                type=peer                    type=peer

User Context:	Server1User	             Server2User
User Details:	context=from-internal        context=from-internal
                host=(Server2's hostname)    host=(Server1's hostname)
                type=user                    type=user

Next, add an Outbound Route:

Setting	        Server1	     Server2
Route Name:	Server2	     Server1
Dial Patterns:	6|xxx	     6|xxx
Trunk Sequence:	IAX2/Server2 IAX2/Server1

And there you have it! Worked for us anyway :-)

The only other thing we both did, and I am not sure if this has any bearing whatsoever, is to edit the sip.conf file and add: externip = (your external host/domain here) localnet = (or whatever your internal IP structure is)