Tech Show Rules

Well, as a listener writing this, I'd say there really are no rules. However, to save yourself some possibly embarrassing situations or maybe just for fun, follow these rules when listening to the Tech Show. Feel free to add your own!

  • Never....EVER follow a link given out by Dann Washko. Trust me on this! :D
    • Exception to this rule is if the link has something to do with the show. If it has words like "Lemon Party" or some other lewd thing in it, then STAY AWAY!
  • When in IRC, try not to bring TOO much Apple stuff up. You might piss Pat off!
  • If you particpate in a call-in episode please make sure your audio setup works so everyone doesn't have to hear a high pitch buzzing sound in the key of A for 5 minutes.
  • If meeting the tech show guys at a hotel, remember to bring a couple plastic grocery bags. Laughs will ensue.
  • If you get the pre show munchies and are a host, please save your fellow co-hosts noses by avoiding sausage, cabbage, chinese food and saurkraut.