Pushing Linux Advocacy To The Mainstream Tech Press

Project Background

I wrote a blog post regarding the amount of Linux hate going around these days. It seems the so-called mainstream Tech press love to take potshots at Linux and basically ignore the growing mass of Linux users. I feel we need to step up our advocacy of Linux to reach more people. TWIT seems to be one of the worst offenders of Linux hate. Leo Laporte is not a bad guy but I think he misses the boat on Linux by telling grandmas to spend $1100+ on a Mac so they can simply read email and browse the internet. I think we should line up at least 5 people and call Leo's KFI radio show live. The show goes out live on Saturday's and Sundays (2-5pm, EDT): KFI Tech Guy; if you wanna have a taste of the show you can download to one of the shows.

He takes a bunch of calls from listeners and and helps people with their tech related questions. The callers tend to be Windows centric. The goal is to have about 5 people call into his show on a weekly basis, ask questions and make them related to Linux as part of the discussion. We need to let the main stream tech press take notice of Linux. If we don't speak up for ourselves then no one will.

Our initial target date will be Sunday, June 29. The call in number is 1–888–827–5536. We should plan to call in at least 45 minutes before the show actually starts as the caller queue will fill up fast.

You should be honest and courteous when you call and you can say that you listen to his shows regularly were prompted to call by a post on the TLLTS forum. If you have donated please make reference to that.

Then follow with your question.

Many of the stations that broadcast Leo's show provide a live stream. You pick a station from this list: http://techguylabs.com/radio/Main/Stations

The Tech Guy IRC channel during the show:

server:http://irc.dslextreme.com/ channel:#techguy

We will be on TLLTS IRC during to show to communicate with each other: server:http://thelinuxlink.net/ channel:#techshow

Example Questions - try and think of others yourself
What we'll tell the call screener The question with the Linux tie-in The Message Advocate asking the question
"I'm looking to buy a new computer and want Leo's recommendation" "I'm getting ready to buy a new computer, probably a Dell. I've been reading different reviews and websites and am kind of leary about having to go to Vista. I have heard Dell sells laptops/workstations running Ubuntu Linux and was wondering what your opinion would be on this. Should I stick with Microsoft and move to Vista or should I give Ubuntu a try? I'm on a budget of $750 or less" Dell Sells Linux/ Linux is cost effective Dann Washko
Office for the mac or OpenOffice.org? Hi Leo, I want just got a mac but I am between choosing Office for mac but I heard there is OpenOffice.org also for the mac which is free, which one would you recommend? FLOS Software also runs on Mac. Alexandro Colorado
"I want to setup a home server for my media files, should I use M$ Home Server?" "Leo I want a reliable and secure home server to store my media files. I've been looking to setup a Linux server and share out the media folders to my various home computers via Samba or NFS shares. Are there any Linux distros that are better suited for this than others?" Linux can be used at home. Patrick Davila
"I have some old PC's and was wondering what I can do with them" "Leo I have some old Pentium3's and P4's it seems a waste to throw them away. A guy in work told me I could run Ubuntu on them ?" Linux runs fine on old PC's. Ken Fallon
"I want to synchronise my Firefox bookmarks" "Hi Leo. I use Firefox on Windows at work and Firefox on Linux at home. Is there a way to synchronise my book marks." Firefox runs on Linux/It's normal to use Linux Ken Fallon
"I want recommendations on the best printer to get for my Dell Laptop. It runs ubuntu." "Hi Leo. I got a Ubuntu Laptop from Dell and I want a to buy a printer. Should I go for a inkjet or a Laser ?." Linux users buy Hardware Ken Fallon
"I have a small office and am looking for a supported Linux OS" "Hi Leo. I have a small office and I was wondering the best Linux Server OS to use. I know RedHat, Novell and Ubuntu offer support. Which would you recommend." Linux has commercial support Ken Fallon
"My friend is going on a round the world trip what laptop would you recommend." "Hi Leo. My Friend is going on a trip around the world. I like the look of the EEEPC as it's small and light. What do you think." Eeepc's run Linux Ken Fallon
"I'm going to setup a wordpress blogg and I want to know about hosting." "Hi Leo. I want to set up a wordpress blogg. The hosting company uses Linux should that be a problem ?." Linux runs websites Ken Fallon
"I'm looking to buy a PMP that has good cross platform support" "Hi Leo. I'm looking to buy a PMP that will work on Windows and Linux" Linux users buy hardware Ken Fallon
"I want to get my songs out of itunes" "Hi Leo. I've just moved to Ubuntu and while it it plays MP3's and some AAC fine, I can't play the songs I bought from itunes. What should I do ?" Itunes has DRM/MP3 and AAC playback on Linux is possible. Ken Fallon
"I want to export my mail to Thunderbird" "Hi Leo. I have email on MAC Mail and/or Outlook Express and I want to convert it to thunderbird so I can also access it on my Ubuntu computer at home." Thunderbird is crossplatform/Beware of vendor lock in Ken Fallon
Links to our calls on various shows
Show Link to the audio file Advocate asking the question and time of call
KFI Tech Guy http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/podcast.dslextreme.com/kfi/TTG20080629-470.mp3 Pat calls in at 41:00