Digital Camera In Ubuntu Edgy

Hey Guys. I was messing around trying to get my Digital Camera to work in Edgy and low and behold I found a solution via Google. I thought this might help those who are having issues. In case you need to know what happened, my camera was detected, but then it errored out saying it could not access the camera.

First, make sure you are member of plugdev group by typing id command on a terminal. If you have Edgy, it should already be.

After that, plug your camera in and type the following command: Code:

for dev in `ls /sys/bus/usb/devices`; do udevinfo -ap /sys/bus/usb/devices/$dev; done

Search through the information until you find your camera details. You have to write down idVendor and idProduct codes.

Once you find these, you have to open /etc/udev/rules.d/45-libgphoto2.rules (name may change) and write the following line at the bottom of the file, just before LABEL="libgphoto2_rules_end": Code:

SYSFS{idVendor}"your_idVendor", SYSFS{idProduct}"your_idProduct", MODE="0660", GROUP="plugdev"

Now restart udev (/etc/init.d/udev restart) and you should be able to access your digital camera.