Pat Davila
   Staten Island N.Y. native Patrick Davila was first introduced to computers at the age of 11. His first computer was a Commodore Vic20 that he shared with his older brother and eventually got a Commodore 64 and then graduated to an Amiga. As a kid he started programming in Turtle and Basic "to challenge myself". While a finance major at Seton Hall University, Pat worked as a lab assistant in the university computer center. After working in the operations area of a major brokerage in NYC for a couple years there was an opportunity to learn COBOL and mainframe systems programming through an internal company initiative. Around 1994 he started to get into Unix operating systems while supporting applications running under Solaris and Sco Openserver. He received a unix/C++ certificate from Pace University in 1997. In 1998 Pat started working on his masters degree in computer science at Seton Hall University. During this period Pat installed his first linux distro, Red Hat 5.0. After getting married in 2000 Pat moved into the Lehigh Valley in eastern PA. He currently runs a mix of Ubuntu, Debian and Arch Linux on his computer systems. MythTV is his favorite Linux application and has become the centerpiece of his home multimedia setup. On the mobile front Pat is a huge fan of the Android platform and has become an advocate for its adoption. Outside of technology Pat is a huge soccer fan and enjoys spending time with his wife and children.